Barbara Shelly | Jovan Belcher murder-suicide scenario too common in KC

But for the location of Jovan Belcher’s suicide and his status as a Chiefs linebacker, his death and the murder of his girlfriend are just more of the tireless drumbeat of senseless violence in Kansas City.

Two people got into an argument. One of them had a gun. Now a 22-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man are dead and their infant daughter is an orphan. Police in Kansas City have seen it all before seen it before.

Mayor Sly James set exactly the right tone today, reminding the public that close to 100 murders have taken place in Kansas City this year, and all of them are tragic.

“I am desperate to find a way to impact situation,” James said in a tweet.

He and a lot of other people. We need to find a way to separate guns and people who don’t have the skills to cope in a healthy manner with frustration and anger. No one person has the key to that solution. It will take a unified front.