Baseball America's list of Top 10 Royals' prospects

   Ready for another list of the Royals' top prospects?

Baseball America's

Top 10 list is out with, no surprise, outfielder Wil Myers ranked No. 1. The list appears in the magazine's current issue (dated Nov. 27 to Dec. 11, 2012) and is scheduled to run Monday on its website (www.baseballamerica.com).

   The list closely mirrors that offered in recent weeks by

The Star

 and by John Sickels of minorleagueball.com. One notable different: The

Baseball America

lists omits left-hander John Lamb, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery, from its Top 10.

The Star

had Lamb at No. 3, while Sickels placed him at No. 9. All three rankings had Myers at No. 1.

Baseball America

offers its Top 10 as an early tease to its Top 30 ranking, which appears in the annual

Prospect Handbook.

 The book, a must for those tracking prospects, is typically available in spring training. Sickels cautions his Top 20 is preliminary and subject to change prior to the January publication of his

Baseball Prospect Book,

which is also a key reference

.    The Star

ranked 25 players and does its annual rankings in early October.

   The rest of the


list (with other ratings). You'll have to buy the magazine or visit their website for individual scouting reports:

   No. 2 RHP Kyle Zimmer (No. 5 by 

The Star

; No. 2 by Sickels). 

   No. 3 OF Bubba Starling (No. 2 by 

The Star

; No. 3 by Sickels).

   No. 4 RHP Yordano Ventura (No. 6 by 

The Star

; No. 5 by Sickels).

   No. 5 RHP Jake Odorizzi (No. 4 by 

The Star

; No. 4 by Sickels).

   No. 6 OF Jorge Bonifacio (No. 8 by 

The Star

; No. 12 by Sickels).

   No. 7 SS Adalberto Mondesi (No. 7 by 

The Star

; No. 7 by Sickels).

   No. 8 LHP Sam Selman (No. 16 by 

The Star

; No. 8 by Sickels).

   No. 9. SS Orlando Calixte (No. 15 by 

The Star

; No. 10 by Sickels).

   No. 10 RHP Jason Adam (No. 9 by 

The Star

; No. 13 by Sickels).

   Want a consensus ranking? We assigned inverse point values to players ranked in each Top 10 -- 10 for a first-place ranking, nine for a second-place ranking...down to one for a 10th-place ranking. Prospects got no points for being ranked outside of the Top 10.

   Here's the result:

   1. Myers 30

   2. Starling 25

   3. Zimmer 24

   4. Odorizzi 20

   5. Ventura 18

   6. Mondesi 12

   7. Lamb 10

   8. Bonifacio 8

   9. Selman 6

   10. RHP Kyle Smith 5 (ranked No. 6 by Sickels)

   11-tie. Adam and Calixte 3

   13. 3B Cheslor Cuthbert 1 (ranked 10th by

The Star)