PBS’ ‘Independent Lens’ looks at the effects of Brownback’s tax-cutting ‘Kansas experiment’

The east wing of the Kansas Capitol
The east wing of the Kansas Capitol The Kansas City Star

A report out last month from the Kansas Center for Economic Growth found that it was former Gov. Sam Brownback’s deep tax cuts that brought on the state’s years-long financial crisis, and that crisis was not caused by “rural recession” Brownback still blames.

Yet Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, in a close GOP gubernatorial primary race with incumbent Jeff Colyer, who took over for Brownback when he left to work for Trump’s State Department, still isn’t convinced, either.

He keeps promising to reverse last year’s tax increases, and if elected intends to cut taxes and services. Kansans know all too well how that story ends, but anyone in need of a reminder might want to check out this video series from PBS’ “Independent Lens” on all of those that “the Kansas experiment” hurt.