Replay: Dave Helling and Derek Donovan on Facebook Live with Dana & Parks

Dana Wright and Scott Parks of KMBZ’s Dana & Parks Show welcomed Star editorial board members Dave Helling and Derek Donovan to their studios on May 31 to chat on Facebook Live.

The radio talkers follow Kansas City news and opinion closely, and Parks turned the conversation to The Star’s new editorial board.

“For years, the editorial page certainly was widely caricatured as ‘The Kansas City Red Star.’” he said. “There has been a sea change … with the way the editorial page conducts itself, and quite frankly, I applaud it.”

You may disagree with his assessment, but there’s no question that journalism is central to our national dialogue these days. What’s the role of a traditional newspaper company like The Star in an age when the Huffington Post draws eyeballs and clicks with content from writers who are unpaid and often untrained in the fundamentals of how a newsroom should work?

Check out the video for highlights from the broadcast.