These Missouri universities are set to charge more for food and housing

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The cost of food and housing is expected to go up at three of the four University of Missouri campuses.

On Monday, a UM System Board of Curators committee approved raising rates on the campuses in Kansas City, St. Louis and Rolla. The hikes would take effect in the 2019-20 school year.

The Mizzou campus in Columbia is the only one where the rates will go down. The university had already received curator approval in November to lower room and board costs by 1.8 percent.

“The board approved our lower rates in November because we knew it would help us recruit students,” said Christian Basi, university spokesman. MU has seen a significant dip in enrollment over the last four years. However freshman enrollment was up 13 percent last year and early reports are that applications for freshman enrollment for this coming Fall are up an additional 5 percent, Basi said. “ We know that a lot of those increases are due to these types of initiatives that make college more affordable,” he said.

Lowering the cost of food and on-campus housing was another effort to attract students.

At all the campuses, costs of food and housing depend on the size and configuration of the room and the number of meals a student signs up for. But they all have a predominant plan for food and dorm living that is most commonly selected.

At MU the cost for the predominant plan drops from $9,826 a year to $9,653, a difference $173, Basi said.

At UMKC, the predominant plan is going up $294 a year, or 2.8 percent, from $10,334 to $10,628.

Rates at the University of Missouri Science and Technology in Rolla will go up $223, or 2.2 percent, from $9,987 to $10,210.

Rates at the University of Missouri-St. Louis will rise $200, or 2 percent, from $10,140 to $10,340.

The full board of curators is expected to finalize the increases at its meeting Feb. 7.