Two bodies found in car may be the Missourians missing for over a month, Ark. cops say

Leslea Shannon and Jamie Katzenmaier.
Leslea Shannon and Jamie Katzenmaier. Facebook, Warrensburg Police Department

The two people who were found dead in a car in Arkansas may be the Missourians who went missing more than a month ago, police said, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Leslea Shannon and Jamie Katzenmaier were last seen at about 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 8, the Warrensburg Police Department posted to Facebook on Sept. 27. The man and woman were seen at the Warrensburg, Missouri, Walmart in a white 2000 Mazda pickup truck.

Then, at 12:23 a.m. Sept. 9, the two were seen in Marshall, Arkansas, after a deputy pulled them over because of a broken taillight, the Daily Star-Journal reported. That was the last time they were seen, according to the newspaper.

Now more than a month later, an Arkansas State police spokesperson said two “decomposed bodies were found inside a crashed car,” KY3 reported. The bodies may be of Shannon and Katzenmaier, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The bodies were found on Oct. 29 off U.S. 65 near Leslie, Arkansas, the Star-Journal reported. The vehicle they were in matches one that belongs to Katzenmaier, Police Chief Rich Lockhart said, according to KY3.

The crashed vehicle was found near a line of trees that “sometimes bears thick foliage,” Arkansas State police spokesperson Bill Sadler said, according to the Democrat-Gazette.

It was found thanks to the “sharp eye of a trooper who just happened to look at the right time at the right place,” he said, according to the paper. The trooper then searched the vehicle because “he just saw something that didn’t look right.”

The bodies have been taken to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory, the Star-Journal reported, and the investigation is ongoing.

Shannon’s parents, Kerri and Kent Shannon, told FOX4 that they reported she was missing after she missed her brother’s birthday party and then work the next day.