Missouri zoo introduces its new 'tiny' baby giraffe — and it's a boy

A zoo in southwest Missouri introduced a new baby giraffe to the public on Friday.

"It's a boy for Mili & Grady! Come meet our newest arrival born yesterday afternoon," the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield announced on its Facebook page Friday.

The baby boy doesn't have a name yet. He was born Thursday afternoon.

And for a giraffe, he's tiny, zoo spokeswoman Joey Powell said. He's about 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall — small in comparison to Clementine, another giraffe born at the zoo last August.

Typically, newborn giraffes are 5 to 6 feet tall, Powell said. His half-sister, Clementine, was almost a foot taller when she was born.

The zoo said the baby is a first for their 5-year-old female giraffe named Mili, and second for the father, Grady.

Both the mother and newborn are now on exhibit for the public, though they are being kept in a separate yard from the rest of the herd and observation deck.

It's not the only Missouri zoo to celebrate the birth of a giraffe.

The Kansas City Zoo welcomed Dixie, a 6-foot-tall giraffe born Feb. 2.