Brisket burglars: Thieves stealing barbecue from Missouri smokehouses

Salt + Smoke BBQ in St. Louis has been the target of thieves — twice — in recent weeks.
Salt + Smoke BBQ in St. Louis has been the target of thieves — twice — in recent weeks.

Someone is stealing meat in Missouri.

In apparently unrelated incidents, two smokehouses in the St. Louis area recently reported bandits making off with briskets and pork butts.

In both cases the thieves were caught on surveillance cameras, and the perps appear to be different people.

Cameras at Callier's Catering in Ballwin got images of two men collecting wood pallets. Then one of them entered a walk-in cooler and carried something back to the truck. The chef later discovered a brisket was missing.

Owner Dennis Callier told Fox2 he is going to invest in better cameras so he can capture license plate information.

"When you have the best bbq in town people want to steal it," someone posted on Callier's Facebook page.

Salt + Smoke in St. Louis has been hit more than once in recent weeks. The first time, the thief used a crowbar to open the locked smoker and ruined the doors. He made off with two pork butts and a brisket.

"My brisket is definitely worth fighting or stealing for," owner Tom Schmidt told KMOX radio.

Schmidt said the thief returned a couple of weeks later, but employees ran him off.

Schmidt also plans to upgrade his security cameras.

Meat theft isn't just a Missouri thing. The CBC reports that police are searching for thieves who stole more than $100,000 worth of crab, salmon and steak from an Edmonton, Alberta, area distributor in January.