Kansas teen gave away her guinea pigs, and a man shot, skinned and ate them, she says

Alexia Carson, 17, of Goodland, Kansas, says a man tricked her into giving him her two pet guinea pigs - including Boy George, shown here - and that his friend then shot, skinned and ate the animals. Goodland police are investigating the incident.
Alexia Carson, 17, of Goodland, Kansas, says a man tricked her into giving him her two pet guinea pigs - including Boy George, shown here - and that his friend then shot, skinned and ate the animals. Goodland police are investigating the incident. Facebook/Courtesy Alexia Carson

Alexia Carson thought she'd found a nice new home for two of her guinea pigs, RuPaul and Boy George.

Before their new owner came to pick them up from her home in Goodland, Kansas, on Monday night, she made a makeshift carrier for them because the man said he didn't need their cage.

She made a bed for them out of pine shavings in an empty Luvs diaper box. She packed up food — their pellet snacks and a baggie full of lettuce, carrots and celery.

She had spent extra cuddle time with them before they left, her squeaky boys who loved to cuddle and never once bit her. Boy George was RuPaul's son.

But she saw them again the next day — in graphic, bloody photos and a video posted on her Facebook timeline while she was at a school dance.

Someone shot RuPaul and Boy George with a BB gun, killed and skinned them.

Carson, 17, says she knows who did it — and it wasn't the man who came to her house.

The photos, since deleted by the person who posted them, caused an uproar heard by media all the way in Australia.

Goodland Police Chief Joni Showalter told KWCH in Wichita her department is investigating the incident.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism confirmed to The Kansas City Star on Friday that it is assisting local authorities with the investigation.

"They were the sweetest things ever," said Carson. "I just want to get it out there so it doesn’t happen to anyone else."

A few months ago she got the guinea pigs for free from a woman who lives on a farm in the Goodland area to add to her growing menagerie. Carson, the oldest of eight children, already had a dog, two flying squirrels and four other guinea pigs, all female.

She thought the new guinea pigs were girls, too, until the day one of her older girls looked as if she had swallowed a softball.

She was pregnant. RuPaul had knocked her up.


Much as she loved them, she decided the two males had to go.

"I decided to find them a new home when I read that guinea pigs can have up to seven babies," she said. "I had six and I did not need 15."

Last Friday she posted a notice on her Facebook page, and someone known to her family contacted her about the guinea pigs. They set up a meeting time, she said, but then she didn't hear back from him. When she contacted him again, she said he told her, "To be honest I was just going to eat them."

She told him he couldn't have them, "and he started getting on me about it," she said, claiming that he told her that "guinea pig bacon is delicious."

But no one was going to eat her pets, she decided.

Then another man contacted her on Facebook and told her he wanted the guinea pigs for his son. Because of her interaction with the first guy, Carson said, she scoped out the man's Facebook page and "he seemed credible," she said.

So off he went Monday night with RuPaul and Boy George tucked inside the diaper box.

She said she didn't learn until later that the men are friends.

When she saw the first photo of a skinned guinea pig on her Facebook page she couldn't believe it was one of her pets. She thought it was a picture someone had grabbed from Google.

But then the man, who appeared to be posting from his own Facebook page, posted more photos and also a video of someone stepping on the animals to hold them down and shooting them with a BB gun.

"Thank you so much for the Guinea pigs they will make a fantastic stew," the man wrote.

Carson's Facebook followers grabbed screenshots of the posts.

She said she was too "heartbroken and in tears" to call the police, but her mother did.

Since Tuesday she's received comments on her Facebook page from people across the country expressing condolences. She said she hasn't slept much since then and she's been fielding requests for media interviews from far beyond Kansas.

Sarah Coffman, founder and executive director at the Wichita Animal Action League, told KWCH she advises that people request a small rehoming fee when looking for new homes for their pets, or work with a local rescue organization.

"You do hear stories about people who give their animals away for free on Facebook or on Craigslist and the awful things that can happen to those animals afterward," she said.

Carson said her younger brothers and sisters don't know what happened to RuPaul and Boy George and it's unlikely she'll be the one to tell them.

A "Justice for RuPaul and Boy George Guineas" Facebook page went up on Thursday.

Warning: Graphic Content - Wichita police are investigating this video circulating on social media that appears to show a young man punching and kicking a dog; police are looking into it as a case of possible animal abuse. (Video courtesy of Randi