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Voices for change

“We’re still waiting for that concerted government effort to end the blight of slavery that we’ve been promised over the past several years. This article should be made mandatory reading for every American — and placed on the desk of each member of Congress!”

Ron Soodalter, co-author,

“The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery

in America Today”

“I live in Topeka and had visited The Globe restaurant once. And just as the article said, nothing seemed ‘out of place’ there. …

“This topic seems to get plenty of lip service, but nobody seems willing to step up and truly fight for people with no voices. … It’s too bad that we as a nation are trying to disguise this issue as a subtopic of illegal immigration instead of realizing that we have neighbors and friends — American citizens — who are involved.”

Christa Hodgson,


“This is journalism at its best, shining the light of exposure on a terrible injustice that somehow our society hasn’t come to grips with.”

Dick Johnson, Overland Park

“I believe that all Americans are touched by this atrocity and need to take some action.”

Amy Rainey, Shawnee

“This is obscene. It’s not only wrong on a legal level but extremely wrong on a moral level. People should not be treated this way. … Nobody wants to do what we the taxpayers are paying them to do. Start naming names of people who let these things happen to other people.”

Celine Reed, Raytown

If you believe you have evidence of human trafficking or know a victim, you can report it to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hot line at 1-888-373-7888. Locally, you can report it to the Human Trafficking Rescue Project at 816-325-7867.

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