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A Closer Look: One deportee’s story

ABOARD A DEPORTATION FLIGHT TO GUATEMALA CITY | When the father of her two children abandoned her in Guatemala, 30-year-old Dominga Angelica Majia set out for America.

Majia left her children with her mother and worked her way across Mexico, cleaning houses and doing other people’s laundry in return for food and a ride to the next house north.

It took her a month to reach the U.S. border, where she crossed into Texas on her own.

She was here only two weeks when an immigration agent caught her on June 30.

“If I had paid a coyote, I probably wouldn’t have been caught,” Majia said.

But she also knows that hiring a “coyote” — someone who specializes in sneaking immigrants across the border — may have subjected her to the kind of abuse and debts that entrap many human trafficking victims.

As a U.S.-chartered deportation flight descended into Guatemala City this summer, Majia appeared apprehensive but said she was happy to be returning home.

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