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Sugar Creek annexation issue is back on the ballot

A plan by Sugar Creek to annex about 2,800 acres northeast of the city is back on the Nov. 4 ballot after being pulled from the April election.

The same area proposed last spring, on which just 16 people live full time, is the subject of the latest plan.

City officials cited opposition among the residents, as well as a defect in the legal description of the land, when they pulled the plan from the April 8 ballot.

“We wanted to get some more time to talk to residents,” said City Attorney Bob Buckley. “We thought, let’s take some time so there will not be a rush to judgment.”

While property taxes would go down if the land joins Sugar Creek, some other fees would go up.

To take effect, Buckley said, the issue must pass within the area proposed for annexation as well as within Sugar Creek’s current city limits.

In return, he said, the city “provides as much service as anyone around.”

“The trash pickup is high quality. The police and fire departments are outstanding. In terms of utilities, we have creative ways to provide these. ... Snow removal is as good as any city around. The public works department does an excellent job of maintaining the streets.”

Still, some residents and landowners in the affected area have complained that they prefer the rural character they presently have and opposed the springtime annexation plan.

“There are other rural areas in Sugar Creek,” Buckley said.

“It won’t disrupt their rural lifestyle.”

City officials cited a desire not to be landlocked, among other reasons, for proposing the annexation.