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Kansas City-area counties seek election workers for November

Several Kansas City-area counties are asking for more people to work at polls for the Nov. 8 election.
Several Kansas City-area counties are asking for more people to work at polls for the Nov. 8 election.

Now that the primaries are past, some local election offices are seeking additional poll workers before the general election.

Clay, Jackson and Platte counties in Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas are all looking for poll workers for Nov. 8.

The counties are looking for additional workers to help supplement shortages and prepare for a large turnout this November. Democratic Clay County Election Board Commissioner Donna Stanley said they typically expect a larger turnout during presidential races, so they try to adjust the number of workers appropriately.

She said they have enough workers to fill most positions this fall, but the county also wants to build a reserve of poll workers to have ready if someone is sick or can’t work.

Most area offices are only looking for a small number of new workers, but Jackson County officials say they are looking for an additional 300 workers for November, and the Kansas City election commission said it is looking for a similar number of workers.

Cass County is the only local office that is not looking for workers right now.

For people to be Election Day workers, they have to be registered voters in the county they plan to work in. Workers are also required to work the entire day, which usually starts an hour before polls open and ends an hour after they close. Workers also have to attend training before the election.

Poll workers are paid, and pay can range depending on the county and the assignment at the polling station.

Johnson County and Kansas City election offices have adopt-a-poll programs as well. This allows volunteers from local nonprofit organizations to work as poll workers and donate their pay to their organizations.

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Local election offices seeking poll workers


Clay County: 816-415-8683,

Platte County: 816-858-4400,

Jackson County: 816-325-4600,

Kansas City: 816-842-4820,


Johnson County: 913-782-3441,

Wyandotte County: 913-573-8500,