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Missouri updates project list for transportation tax

Missouri officials have added money for streetcars in Kansas City and more highway projects around the state as part of a revised project list that would be funded if voters approve a three-quarters cent sales tax next month.

The updated draft project list was provided Monday to The Associated Press by the Missouri Department of Transportation in response to a Sunshine Law request seeking cost estimates for each of the more than 800 projects proposed to be funded by the tax.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission is scheduled to vote Wednesday on projects to be financed by proposed Constitutional Amendment 7.

The proposal is projected by lawmakers to generate about $5.4 billion over the 10-year life of the tax. Part of that would go to cities and counties, leaving $4.8 billion for the state transportation department.

The widening of Interstate 70 across Missouri remains the most expensive item. It would receive $500 million from the new tax revenues, with the rest of the $1.5 billion cost to come from existing revenue sources. Other costly projects include interstate improvements in the St. Louis area and the widening of parts of U.S. 63 and U.S. 50 in central Missouri.

The department released an initial project list June 13 but declined to disclose cost estimates for each of the projects during a public comment period about them. The AP sought the cost figures under the Missouri open-records law, and the department released them along with a revised list dated Monday.

Transportation officials said most of the projects remained the same, but some changes were made upon the suggestions of local leaders. For example, state funding for Kansas City streetcars was added, contingent upon approval of local funding.

In southwest Missouri, a new Interstate 44 interchange at Marshfield was included in the revised project list, again contingent on local governments covering part of the cost.

In northeast Missouri, the revised project list drops a proposed interchange at Interstate 70 in Warrenton and adds a lane expansion for U.S. 54 east of Mexico, Missouri.

“There’s not enough money to do everything everyone wants,” said MoDOT Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger. But under the proposal, “we’re spending quite a bit of money on just taking care of infrastructure that’s worn out, whether that’s resurfacing a road or replacing a bridge or replacing an old bus” for a city public transit system.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has revised its list of projects that would be funded by a proposed sales tax on the August ballot. Here is a look at a few of the projects that were added to the list:

1. Kansas City Streetcars. Adds $124 million in state funding for streetcar lines in Kansas City, contingent upon approval of $356 million in local funding. Finances streetcars along Main Street from Pershing Road to the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus, along Independence Avenue from the River Market to Benton Boulevard, and along Linwood Boulevard from Main Street to Prospect Avenue.

2. Railroad Trail. Adds $24 million in state funding to help purchase a former Rock Island Rail Line corridor from Kansas City to Pleasant Hill for use as a hiking and biking trail, contingent upon $48 million from Jackson County.

3. Interstate 44. Adds $13.5 million for a new interchange at Marshfield, contingent upon $1.6 million in funding from the city and Webster County.

4. U.S. 54. Adds $12.7 million to expand the lanes of the highway from Mexico, Missouri, eastward to its intersection with Missouri 19.

5. Interstate 35 in Liberty. Adds $4.5 million for improvements to the interchange with Missouri 152 in Liberty, contingent upon $7 million of local funding.