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Judge in Greitens case won’t allow video cameras in the courtroom during trial

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens File

Circuit Judge Rex Burlison ruled Thursday that no video equipment will be allowed in the courtroom during the trial of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

The judge said video recording could cause additional security concerns because the case involves a high-profile defendant. In addition, both prosecutors and the governor's alleged victim have objected to the use of video cameras.

"The governor of the state of Missouri is going to be in the courtroom. That causes an additional security risk," Burlison said.

Attorneys for the alleged victim have repeatedly raised privacy concerns during the case.

The woman agreed to testify only after the allegations that the governor had photographed without her consent were widely reported in the media. The reports followed her ex-husband's sharing an audiotape that he had recorded surreptitiously of her speaking about her encounters with Greitens.

Burlison did say he would consider a request to allow audio recording and still photography. Mark Sableman, the attorney representing news media, made the request and said media would try to make reasonable accommodations.

"It will be a matter of accuracy," Sableman said.

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