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Greitens' attorneys want info on any promises made to alleged victim

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. AP

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens’ attorneys filed a motion Thursday to compel the St. Louis prosecutor’s office to produce information on any promises made to the woman Greitens allegedly photographed without her consent.

Greitens faces a criminal trial in May based on allegations that he photographed a woman while she was partly nude, bound and blindfolded to keep her from speaking about an extramarital affair.

The governor’s attorneys want St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to produce any evidence of any promises of leniency or warnings of criminal charges made to the alleged victim.

Gardner’s office called the move an effort by the governor’s team to distract from the facts of the case.

Greitens’ team is basing the request on the fact that the woman did not pursue criminal charges for the alleged 2015 incident and was “initially uncooperative with media inquiries concerning the allegations.”

The allegations were first brought to light by the woman’s ex-husband in a television interview KMOV in St. Louis. The woman has asked, through her attorneys, for privacy.

The motion from Greitens’ team contends that “the same witnesses were likely similarly reluctant to participate in the Circuit Attorney’s investigation of this matter” and that there is “reason to believe that in fact offers of leniency and/or warnings of possible criminal charges were made.”

Susan Ryan, spokeswoman for Gardner, strongly rejected the suggestion that the prosecutor’s office made any threats or promises to the woman.

“These are baseless and false allegations in another attempt to direct people’s attention away from the facts of the case,” Ryan said in a statement. “We believe the citizens of this community are too smart to believe these outrageous defense claims and fall for these sophomoric antics."