On #NationalDogDay, we wondered: Who will be the next First Dog?

Hillary Clinton is said to have two dogs, Tally and Maisie. She posted this photo to Instgram for National Dog Day in 2015.
Hillary Clinton is said to have two dogs, Tally and Maisie. She posted this photo to Instgram for National Dog Day in 2015. Instagram

National Dog Day has unleashed a flood of photos of cute, adorable, aww-inspiring pets on Twitter.

Which leads us to wonder: Do presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have dogs?

Who might replace the Obamas’ Portuguese Water Dogs, Bo and Sunny, when they move out of the White House in January?


Here’s one clue from an Instagram photo that Clinton posted on National Dog Day last year.


Happy National Dog Day!

A photo posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

Bill and Hillary Clinton have two dogs, she told US Weekly in an April cover story called “Hillary Clinton: 25 things you didn’t know about me.”

“Bill and I love going on long walks with our two dogs, Maisie and Tally,” she said. “We were on one of those walks when President Obama called to ask me to be his secretary of state.”

The Clintons are dog-lovers from way back. When they lived in the White House, they famously kept two pets: Socks, a cat, and Buddy, a chocolate Labrador retriever, both of whom had fan clubs and starred together in a book.

When Buddy died, his “obituary” in The New York Times noted how he “arrived at the White House just before the Monica Lewinsky affair became a national scandal.

“During the waning days of his administration, with Mrs. Clinton off to New York on her Senate campaign, he was often seen in his study alone, playing solitaire with Buddy at his side.”

Buddy died in January 2002 when he was struck by an SUV as he “playfully” gave chase to a contractor leaving the family home in Chappaqua, N.Y., the Times reported. The family was not at home at the time, so Secret Service agents took Buddy to an animal hospital, where he died.

The family’s next dog was Buddy’s nephew, another chocolate Lab they named Seamus. He was born a month after Buddy died and Hillary bought him for Bill for Father’s Day, the Associated Press reported.

Hillary chose the family’s next dog, Tally, after she fell in love with a neighbor’s tiny toy poodle mix, according to the Presidential Pet Museum website.

The museum blog speculates that Tally is a “shih-poo,” a white shih tzu/toy poodle mix.

The Clinton’s newest dog is Maisie, which the New York Times described as a “curly-haired mutt.” Maisie, a gray toy mix, is thought to have joined the household three years ago.

The presidential pet museum folks speculate that Maisie’s name might have been inspired by one of Hillary’s favorite books, “Maise Dobbs,” about a World War I field nurse turned detective.

In July, paparazzi photographed Bill Clinton, wearing blue suede shoes, walking Tally and Maisie around a New York city park with his son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky and his granddaughter Charlotte.


In recent months, some media outlets have contacted the Trump campaign asking about his pets, but have thus far gotten no response.

He might have had — still has? — a Labrador named Spinee, a dog who has taken on mythological stature since the only references to him online are on a handful of dog blogs.

At one point, those blogs reported breathlessly, Spinee was said to be in ill health and in need of prayers.

But Trump loves posing with pooches.

He is reportedly an enthusiastic sponsor of the famous Westminster Dog Show, held every winter at Madison Square Garden. He’s posed with Best in Show winners, as he did in 2015 with the beagle Miss P in a photo he posted to Instagram.