Texas sorority video is compared to the ‘gates of hell’

A recruitment video by members of Alpha Delta Pi sorority has stirred the snark on Twitter.
A recruitment video by members of Alpha Delta Pi sorority has stirred the snark on Twitter. YouTube

No doubt the enthusiastic members of Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Texas at Austin hoped that their new recruitment video would earn them a bit of attention.

Boy, has it.

New York magazine warns that “this sorority video will haunt you for years to come.”

It’s just 39 seconds long. But according to Twitter critics, that’s 39 seconds of their lives they wish they could get back.

The video begins with recruitment officials Maddie, Haley and Jean-Marie introducing themselves outside the front door of the sorority house.

“We’ve been waiting for you all summer, and we are so glad that you’re finally here,” they say, in unison.

Then they open the house’s double doors to reveal a hallway packed with cheering sorority women, a screaming mass of femininity that begins to chant.

Arms wave and hands clap waaaay in the back, looking a lot like dismembered body limbs.

All that chanting. All those bodies stacked up. In sorority speak that’s called a “door stack,” where members pile up at the front door to welcome new recruits.

But what else does that look like? It didn’t take Twitter long to dub it the “gates of hell.”

Well, at least there’s this.

And the snark just kept coming.

The video quickly went viral and was even retweeted nearly 40,000 times from this account.

The original video, posted to the university’s official Twitter account, has since been taken down.

Jezebel reports that the practice of door stacking was banned in 2014 by USC’s Panhellenic Council, “perhaps because of complaints about the minor injuries sustained from standing on top of your sisters and bopping around for frenzied take after frenzied take.”

“Some unreported injuries might include freshmen girls running away at full speed into traffic!” said Jezebel.

Maybe next time the women of Alpha Delta Pi will try this instead.