Woman caught on video driving with her feet while texting

This woman was caught driving around Philadelphia this week while texting ... and using her feet to drive.
This woman was caught driving around Philadelphia this week while texting ... and using her feet to drive. WPVI-TV, Philadelphia

Apparently this woman missed the driver’s ed class where they teach you to keep both hands on the wheel.

Or maybe she thought they said feet?

She was caught texting and driving toward the center of Philadelphia on the busy Schuylkill Expressway ... while steering the car with her feet.

For the record, she was wearing New Balance.

Sarah and Shawn Delong, driving beside her, couldn’t believe what they were seeing. So they recorded her and outed her to WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

“Someone is going to get killed, that’s why I was so mad. You see people on their phones all the time, but that took the cake,” Sarah Delong told the TV station Wednesday.

Sarah recorded the woman from the passenger side of the Delongs’ car. They followed the woman and drove alongside her for about 20 minutes, she said. They saw her swerve a few times, Delong said.

She said she got the woman’s license plate number and called state police, but never heard back.

So the Delongs did what they could to get the woman’s attention.

“At one point we beeped at her and I yelled ‘get off your phone!’ And she looked up and smirked at me and went right back to doing whatever it was on her phone,” Sarah said.

Philadelphia police told the TV station that unless they catch a person in the act, there’s not much they can do about instances like this.

The video, posted to the TV station’s Facebook page, has generated major buzz and other complaints about distracted driving – people playing video games, pumping breast milk, all while steering a moving vehicle.

“What grinds my gears in addition to the texting is when people have their dogs in their laps while driving,” wrote one woman. “That is such a big, illegal distraction! I don't wanna get killed cuz you think it’s cute to have Fluffy behind the wheel!”

“Not surprised,” wrote another woman. “I’ve seen people shaving, plucking their eyebrows, etc on the Schuylkill ... But my favorite was the woman smoking a cigarette with one hand while signing with the other. No hands on the wheel at all. Keep your distance people.”

Another man noted that he drives a tractor trailer and “this is what 90 percent of all drivers are doing while driving down the road, Playing with their phone!!”

DeLong wrote in the Facebook comments that a week before she took this video she was hit and injured while sitting in a car at a red light by a “girl that wasn't paying attention. It’s getting so ridiculous.”