Calvin Harris goes on Twitter rant about ex Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wrote her ex-boyfriend’s current smash hit.
Taylor Swift wrote her ex-boyfriend’s current smash hit. AP

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up last month, but as is usual with a T-Swift romance, the rumors keep flying after a split.

News that Swift wrote Harris’ current hit “This Is What You Came For,” which is performed by Rihanna, broke Wednesday, along with the revelation the song may have ended their relationship. Representatives for Swift confirmed that she wrote the song, which is credited to a Nils Sjoberg — a pseudonym for the pop star.

Harris was not pleased about the leak and went on a Twitter rant, alternatively praising and slamming his ex-girlfriend for publicizing that she was behind the song:

TMZ reported Wednesday that apparently Swift became upset when Harris said in an interview in April that he can’t see the two of them collaborating on music in the future. Swift felt “disrespected” by her boyfriend, according to the star’s “squad,” so she ended it. Swift is now dating actor Tom Hiddleston.

Katy Perry, who has also had a public tiff with Swift, wasn’t oblivious Harris dragged her into his Twitter tirade. She didn’t need words to express her thoughts:

Swift’s social media accounts were quiet Wednesday.