The chicken on the bag is not the chicken in the bag. That can be a food allergy problem

About 495 pounds — or 360 bags — of Simply Smart Organics gluten-free Chicken Breast Tenders sent to Florida and four other states have been recalled because the packaging lies.

Inside the bag aren’t gluten-free chicken breast tenders, the USDA recall notice says, but chicken nuggets. And the ingredients panel doesn’t note the presence of allergen wheat. That’s a problem for those with a wheat allergy or those feeding someone with a wheat allergy.

The 22-ounce bags have a best by date of “08 29 20,” a UPC code of 0-72745-80489-2 and time stamps between 00:30 and 01:00. They went to retail stores in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Consumers can toss the bags, return them to the store for a refund or, if there’s no wheat or gluten issues, chow down on the chicken.

Anyone with questions can call Perdue Foods at 866-866-3703.

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