Kansas Humane Society gets death threats after fake post says puppies would be killed

A humane society in Kansas says its employees have been receiving deaths because of misinformation.

Marshmallow the dog will have to give birth to her puppies in foster care because of a post on social media, the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita said in a Facebook post.

One of the humane society’s partners shared a post on social media suggesting that pregnant pitbull Marshmallow would be spayed before she could be adopted, KWCH reported. Many expressed concern that the puppies, who were almost full-term, would die before Marshmallow could give birth, the TV station reported.

The humane society assured those concerned that the information was far from the truth.

“We did not say that the dog or puppies would be euthanized; additionally there were untrue comments about the medical procedures we use, and the type of care we provide for animals,” the humane society wrote in the post.

Employees even received death threats, according to the post.

MarshJpe_fitted (1).jpeg
Marshmallow, a pregnant pitbull, will give birth to her puppies in a foster home, the Kansas Humane Society says. Screengrab: Kansas Humane Society Facebook

In response to the concern, the humane society decided to send Marshmallow to a foster home to give birth, KWCH reported.

The Kansas Humane Society serves more than 11,000 animals every year, animals that the humane society says might not get help because of how often incorrect information is shared.

“The damage caused by the misinformation shared on social media could hurt the outcome for hundreds of animals,” the humane society said. “We hope the public can continue to rally around these homeless animals, as well as Marshmallow and her puppies.”

There was an outpouring of support on the post, with users condemning the partner organization.

“It makes me so sad that people continue to spread these untruths about KHS,” one user wrote.

“It’s time the negativity stop. Everyone involved in rescue and sheltering have the same goal. Wichita is such a great example of people who love animals - let’s be the best example we can be,” wrote another.

Some, however, expressed their skepticism of the humane society’s claims.

“You absolutely intended to spay this mom and in doing so, kill her puppies, if you didn’t find a foster or she didn’t give birth before Thursday. Be honest about it,” a user wrote.

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