Video shows student punched 19 times in school. MO district calls it ‘disturbing’

Screen grab from KSDK news video

A Missouri middle schooler was punched about 19 times in class, as seen in an “extremely disturbing” video posted to Facebook by the student’s dad.

In the video — recorded from behind a laptop in school — one student can be seen standing over a student sitting on the floor before he began punching the other child. The boy on the floor was repeatedly punched in his face and head.

Just before the 14-second video came to an end, someone asked, “What is going on?”

“I have waited to post this video for a number of reasons,” Patrick Vining said on Facebook on April 16, about a week after he says the attack took place. “This video is not intended to shame the bully, embarrass my son (the receiver of the attack) or demonize the school district, even though the actions of the teacher were unacceptable in this situation.”

He continued to say his intent in sharing the video is to “educate people on the severity and brazenness of bullying.”

Vining did not immediately respond to a Facebook message from The Wichita Eagle, and it is not known how he received the video.

“I was appalled,” Vining said after seeing the video, according to KTVI. He also said this is the second time his child has been attacked at school, the station reported.

“If we continue to do the same things looking for different results we will continue to fail,” Vining wrote on Facebook. “I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing that there is ‘nothing we can do.’ I do not accept the fact that we cannot somehow curb bullying, especially to the extreme we see here.”

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KSDK in Missouri says it asked the Wentzville School District what a teacher should do in a “situation like this,” and the TV station says it received the following response:

“In terms of staff expectations, in the case of a physical altercation, we ask that staff direct the students to stop and contact the office for assistance.”

In a statement provided to KTVI, the district called the video “disturbing.”

“The video referenced and shared on social media is disturbing and we take any harm to our students or staff very seriously,” the statement said, according to KTVI. “We regret that this situation occurred, and although we cannot share specifics with regard to students or disciplinary matters, we can share that the incident was investigated immediately and reported to local law enforcement. The safety of our students is always our primary concern and we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students.”

The Wentzville Police Department is investigating the incident, according to KSDK.

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