Armed suspect sprinted away from Ohio cops — but this man tripped him up, video shows

Talk about putting your best foot... backward?

A video just released by police in Columbus, Ohio, shows an armed suspect running away from cops on April 3 — and the moment a bystander identified only as "Bill" lent a helping foot.

That man is seen slowly backing up as the suspect is trailed by a police van. Then, in a split second, "Bill" stretches his right leg backward to trip the fleeing man. The suspect then falls to the ground, and officers arrest him, the video shows.

"I saw who you guys were chasing, and I could see that he was holding something in his waistband while he was running from you guys," the man told police. "But he had a pretty good lead on your closest officer and was coming my way.

"So I got in his way to slow him down so you could get him."

The 18-year-old suspect — who police say had a loaded 9 mm handgun and long criminal record — was taken to jail, reported. There was no word on what set off the police chase.

Body camera footage shows one of the officers pointing a gun at the teenager after he tripped and telling him to get on the ground.

"Get on the ground!" one officer shouts. "You're lucky you (expletive) dropped that gun, man. Boy, you almost got shot!

"Let's lock those cuffs," he told another police officer. "I almost (expletive) squeezed the trigger, man."

According to the video's caption, "Bill" was at a library with his granddaughter and waiting outside when he found himself in the middle of the chaotic scene. The video also shows an officer thanking the bystander, who uses a cane, for tripping the suspect and preventing greater "tragedy" from happening.

But the man whom police hailed as a hero downplayed his actions.

“I just felt as a citizen of this town I had a responsibility to act,” he said. “I think people are supposed to help."

In another case, Chicago police say a man running away from law enforcement got stuck in a chimney, according to WGNTV. He was taken to the hospital after his arrest, police say, but his identity and alleged crime have not yet been released.