‘Bro, this is wild:’ Creepy video shows turkeys circling a dead cat in the road

Jonathan Davis of Boston filmed this creepy ritual on a Massachusetts street.
Jonathan Davis of Boston filmed this creepy ritual on a Massachusetts street. Twitter

Jonathan Davis of Boston had the perfect reaction to the creepy scene he came upon this week.

“Bro, this is wild.”

And now people are just as weirded out as he is.

On Thursday he posted a video to Twitter that shows more than a dozen turkeys playing ring-around-the-rosy with a cat in a road — only the cat was dead. The turkeys continued their strange, ritualistic dance for at least a couple of minutes.

“That is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Davis can be heard exclaiming in the video. “Turkeys walking in a circle around a dead cat in the middle of road. What?”

He captioned the video: “These turkeys trying to give this cat its 10th life.”

His tweet has gobbled up more than 48,000 retweets.

He told Buzzfeed he drives down that street in the Boston suburb of Randolph every day and has never noticed anything that bizarre.

“I never saw a single turkey (on that street) let alone all of these,” he told Buzzfeed. “I noticed they were walking in a perfect circle, not a turkey out of line, so I had to stop.”

Cue the speculation on what the turkeys were doing.

One biologist told The Verge the turkeys seem to be performing a “predator inspection.” Was the cat dead? Was it playing possum?

A Massachusetts state wildlife biologist, David Scarpitti, told the Boston Globe he’s never seen anything like this, and neither had his colleagues.

“They’re scratching their heads,” Scarpitti told the Globe. “I think the story will spread wide and far given how unique and unusual it is.”

Yep. Twitter is definitely freaked out.