Fuel price rise roils Bolivia

LA PAZ, Bolivia — Protests against a sharp increase in fuel prices intensified and turned violent in Bolivia on Thursday, as thousands of demonstrators demanded President Evo Morales' government repeal the hike.

Demonstrators filled the streets in La Paz and other cities to protest the higher prices, which were announced suddenly on Sunday, prompting an immediate 73 percent jump in gasoline prices and an 83 percent rise in prices for diesel. It also led to rapid increases in transport and food prices in the Andean country.

Fuel prices had been frozen for six years, but the government said it could no longer afford to subsidize them, especially since much is smuggled across the border to neighboring countries.

Israel's ex-president found guilty of rape

JERUSALEM _ An Israeli court found former President Moshe Katsav guilty Thursday of rape, indecent assault and sexual harassment of female subordinates, the most serious conviction of a former top official in Israel's history.

The verdict handed down in a case that had riveted the Israeli public was hailed as an affirmation of the rule of law and the rights of women, as well as a sign of changing norms in a society that for decades tended to condone sexual advances by powerful men in government and the military.

Denmark frees man in plot to attack paper

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — An Iraqi asylum seeker accused of plotting a shooting attack on the Copenhagen office of a newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet Muhammad was freed Thursday due to an apparent lack of evidence.

Three other suspects, residents in Sweden, were ordered to remain in custody for four weeks by a Danish court.

Police said the three were a 44-year-old Tunisian, a 29-year-old Lebanese-born man and a 30-year-old whose national origin was not released.