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And now there are 52 school shootings in 2015; Arizona, Texas deaths brings toll to 28

Candles spelling UCC for Umpqua Community College, are displayed at a candlelight vigil for those killed during a fatal shooting at the school, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015, in Roseburg, Ore.
Candles spelling UCC for Umpqua Community College, are displayed at a candlelight vigil for those killed during a fatal shooting at the school, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015, in Roseburg, Ore. AP

A shooting death early Friday at Northern Arizona University and another later in the day at Texas Southern University brought the 2015 death toll for school-related shootings to 28, including eight suicides. Fifty-one others have been injured, including three wounded in the Arizona shooting and one at Texas Southern.

A week ago, after the Oct. 1 rampage at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, statistics began flying, including the claim that there had been 45 school shootings by then in 2015.

That was the tally by the gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety, which is careful to verify each instance. Its count now is 49, including the shootings Friday, another shooting at Texas Southern just three days earlier in which a woman was wounded, and the firing of a gun Oct. 2 at University City High School in the St. Louis area in which no one was hurt.

Everytown’s definition is a broad one — a firearm discharged on school property — but the group’s count did not include three other shootings that turned up in an Internet search and involved a school bus and school traffic zones.

Now, the toll from the Everytown list plus the three shootings it doesn’t list is 28 killed, including eight suicides, and 51 others injured.

The youngest non-suicide fatality this year was a 16-year-old high school student. At colleges, 15 students, three professors and a university staff member have been killed. Two young men were killed on elementary school playgrounds or parking lots.

No elementary school students were among the gun deaths this year, though one girl at an elementary school was injured when a classmate brought a gun to school and it went off.

But until the Oct. 1 Oregon mass shooting, none of the deaths this year had resulted from someone opening fire in a classroom, cafeteria or dormitory.

Two of the shootings could have ended up worse had the shooter not quickly been tackled — one in which a principal was wounded, and another in which the only two shots the student fired hit the ceiling. In that incident and 12 other gun discharges, no one was struck by the bullets.

To be sure, there are different lists with different definitions and tallies. Recent fact checks conducted by media outlets including The Washington Post have found there is no standard way to count what constitutes a school shooting.

A report by The New York Times also found that some studies include stabbings, shootings that happen near but not on school grounds, and accidental discharge of weapons.

But the Everytown list, plus the three other instances that didn’t meet its definition, did involve firearms and school property and could be verified by local news accounts.

Our list includes 31 school shootings in 2015 in which someone was injured or killed on school property or on school buses, omitting the suicides except for the Oregon shooter, who reportedly killed himself after being wounded by police, and one that was part of a murder-suicide.

Texas Southern College

Houston, Texas; Oct. 9, 2015

1 killed; 1 injured

A student was killed at a campus apartment complex and another person was wounded. The campus was on lockdown for several hours.

Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, Ariz.; Oct. 9, 2015

1 dead, 3 injured

Shots fired in a dormitory parking lot in confrontation between groups of students kill one student, freshman Colin Brough, and wound three others.

Texas Southern College

Houston, Texas; Oct. 6, 2015

1 injured

Man shot on campus in confrontation between non-students.

Umpqua Community College

Roseburg, Ore.; Oct. 1, 2015

10 dead, 9 injured

Gunman shot students in classrooms and then killed himself after being wounded in gun battle with police.

Harrisburg High School

Harrisburg, S.D.; Sept. 30, 2015

1 injured

Student shoots principal in arm.

Central Elementary School

Statesville, N.C.; Sept. 22, 2015

1 injured

Woman shoots husband outside school.

Delta State University

Cleveland, Miss.; Sept. 14, 2015

1 dead

Professor Ethan Smith, a Kansas native, is killed in his office by another instructor at the college.

Northside High School

Lafayette, La.; Sept. 11, 2015

1 injured

Girl, 17, shot in arm and leg in parking lot.

Sacramento City College

Sacramento, Calif.; Sept. 3, 2015

1 dead, 2 injured

Roman P. Gonzalez, 25, is killed and two other students injured when shots are fired in a confrontation between two groups of men.

Savannah State University

Savannah, Ga.; Aug. 27, 2015

1 dead

Student Christopher Stark is killed in the student union after an altercation.

Hornsby Elementary School

Augusta, Ga.; Aug. 25, 2015

1 injured

A student playing with a gun inside a desk accidentally fires it, hitting another student.

Wichita State University

Wichita, Kan.; Aug. 8, 2015

1 dead

Student Rayan Ibrahim Baba is fatally shot in campus parking lot.

Elolf Elementary School

Converse, Texas; July 24, 2015

1 dead, 1 injured

Shots are fired in a school parking lot. Albert Nelson, 19, is killed and another teenager is wounded.

Coppell Middle School East

Dallas, Texas; July 5, 2015

1 injured

An 18-year-old former high school student graduate is wounded while playing basketball on school grounds on a Sunday.

Everglades City School

Everglades City, Fla.; May 27, 2015

1 injured

A man suffers a minor hand wound in a shooting behind the school.

Flint Southwestern Classical Academy

Flint, Mich.; May 24, 2015

7 injured

Seven people are injured when shots are fired into a large crowd that had gathered on school grounds on a Sunday.

Jacksonville school bus

Jacksonville, Fla.; May 12, 2015

2 injured

Two teenage girls are injured when a 16-year-old boy fires into a school bus carrying 30 students from three middle and high schools.

Willow Elementary School

Cleveland, Ohio; May 4, 2015

1 dead, 1 injured

Pajo R. Barnes Jr., 22, is killed and another man in his late 20s wounded in a drive-by shooting at the school’s playground.

Johnson C. Smith University

Charlotte, N.C.; April 19, 2015

1 injured

A male student is shot while sitting in a car on campus.

J.B. Martin Middle School

Paradis, La.; April 16, 2015

1 injured

Police officer shot while directing traffic in a school zone.

Wayne Community College

Goldsboro, N.C.; April 13, 2015

1 dead

School print shop operator Ron Lane is killed in the school library by a 20-year-old former student who also had worked for Lane.

Community College of Beaver County

Beaver Falls, Pa.; April 2, 2015

1 injured

Student accidentally shoots himself.

Lane College

Jackson, Tenn.; April 2, 2015

1 injured

Student shoots a gun while near a group of people hitting a fellow student in the thigh.

Pershing Elementary School

University City, Mo.; March 30, 2015

1 injured

Man, 34, wounded in a dispute in a school parking lot.

Bethune-Cookman University

Daytona Beach, Fla.; Feb. 23, 2015

3 injured

Three men grazed by bullets in parking lot near football team practice field.

Lawson Elementary School

Little Rock, Ark.; Feb. 15, 2015

2 injured

Suspect shot two men in the school parking lot around 2 a.m. on a Sunday.

Tenaya Middle School

Merced, Calif.; Feb. 15, 2015

1 dead

Benito Aguirre, 16, is killed in a school parking lot on a Sunday.

University of South Carolina

Columbia, S.C.; Feb. 5, 2015

2 dead

Professor Raja Fayad is killed in a campus lab by ex-wife Sunghee Kwon, who then kills herself.

Frederick High School

Frederick, Md.; Feb. 4, 2015

2 injured

A 14-year-old boy and 15-year-old boy were shot outside the school gym during a basketball game.

Williamson High School

Mobile, Ala.; Jan. 20, 2015

1 injured

A passerby was shot as he passed a group of juveniles arguing at the school after a basketball game.

Vanguard High School

Ocala, Fla.; Jan. 16, 2015

2 injured

One girl shot after basketball game, another hurt by flying glass.

Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Milwaukee, Wisc.; Jan. 15, 2015

3 injured

A man wounded three people in a fight in the school parking lot after a dispute between two girls attending a basketball game escalated.