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Brazilian butts should not be like Kim Kardashian's, says Miss BumBum pageant founder

The founder of Brazil's Miss BumBum pageant wants women to stop getting butt implants to make their bottoms look like Kim Kardashian's.
The founder of Brazil's Miss BumBum pageant wants women to stop getting butt implants to make their bottoms look like Kim Kardashian's. Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Here's the bottom line for the founder of Brazil's famous Miss BumBum pageant: He wants women to stop copying Kim Kardashian's rear.

In Cacau Oliver's mind, it is "a cause for national concern" that so many Brazilian women want Kardashian's apple-bottomed assets and are having surgery to get butts like hers.

Brazilian bums are more beautiful in their natural state, says the man who founded the BumBum pageant to find the best buttocks in Brazil where, culturally speaking, large, round, female bottoms are revered. Winners of the pageant become celebrities in the country.

"I would ask them to be patriotic and instead of trying to copy an American butt, strive to preserve the image of Brazil around the world," Oliver told international media, according to El Universal newspaper in Mexico. "Unfortunately, the bottom of Kim Kardashian has redefined the parameters in the BumBum nation."

He referred to the "Kim effect" and how in recent years that's changed what women consider a beautiful body, especially when it comes to their bums, Oliver said.

"When it comes to aesthetics, Kim's area has become the only reference in Brazil, every woman wants her butt to look exactly like hers, it's almost an obsession," he said.

The so-called "Kim effect" has spread to other places around the globe, too. Lad Bible reports that The Plastic Surgery Group in the United Kingdom saw a 50 percent increase in consultations about the so-called "Brazilian Butt Lift" during the second half of 2016.

More than 25,000 legal butt augmentations — which can cost $10,000 or more — were performed in the United States last year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Last year, Miss BumBum banned contestants with rears bigger than 43 inches in diameter — reportedly the size of Kardashian's bottom, Lad Bible reports. The contest was billed as "more elegant," according to Britain's The Sun.

In the preliminary part of the competition, people around the world vote online for their favorite contestants.

Last year, more than 17 million votes were cast.

In 2016, Miss BumBum winner Erika Canela, the first black woman to win the pageant, celebrated by getting a tattoo of Donald Trump on her back because she won the pageant on the same day he won the presidency.

She told media she hoped the tattoo would convince him to rethink his "hateful" attitudes, especially about Latin Americans and women.

She also said she found him "strangely attractive."