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Iowa troopers are alarmed at drivers going 100-plus mph 'to use the restroom???'

The Iowa State Patrol on Friday clocked a driver going 118 mph. The officer didn't believe their excuse.
The Iowa State Patrol on Friday clocked a driver going 118 mph. The officer didn't believe their excuse. Facebook/Iowa State Patrol

An Iowa state trooper clocked a car screaming down the highway at 118 mph on Friday.

The driver told the trooper they had to go to the bathroom.

But that excuse sounded all wet to the trooper.

"Driving this fast to go to use the restroom??? — You just drove by 3 gas stations over the last 7 miles," the Iowa State Patrol wrote on its Facebook page Friday, where it also posted a photo of the driver's speed lit up on the trooper's radar.

"SLOW DOWN!!!! So far this year there have been 72 fatalities on Iowa roadways — which is one more than the 5 year average."

Iowa apparently has a need for speed, which is why the patrol has started posting photos of the fastest speeders online, like the one on Friday.

Last year, troopers caught 797 drivers going more than 100 mph — 19 of them clocked at more than 130 mph, revealed a report last month from the patrol, according to KCCI in Des Moines.

In 2017, the patrol stopped more than 2,700 drivers for going more than 25 miles over the speed limit, double the number from 2013.

The number of drivers caught driving faster than 100 mph also has doubled in the last five years, many speeding past troopers.

"It's alarming to see cars out there going that fast," Sgt. Nathan Ludwig told KCCI.

The most common excuse given for speeding: I'm running late.

Photos from the most egregious stops appear on Facebook with sometimes quirky, but always pointed, reminders for people to give 'em a brake.

"'Looking for a gas station' is no reason to drive nearly 100 mph," the patrol has warned people.

A driver going 104 mph last week got this smack down: "We look forward for this number as our outside temperature.......not a motorist's speed."

Another driver going equally fast during March Madness earned some smack talk: "Driving this fast won’t cure your busted bracket!!! Slow down and obey the posted speed."

It's like "Live PD" for lead foots.

The fastest driver the patrol pulled over last year was going 151 mph, KCCI reported.

"I don’t work for the ISP but I am in law enforcement. I clocked a vehicle at 152 mph ... last summer," one man wrote on the patrol's Facebook page last week.

"I believe it was an Audi R8 but it was more or less just a blur at that speed. Unable to get them stopped because they clearly didn’t care. I also clocked a car (at) 119 mph in the same area about a month later. I’m trying to post pic but not able to currently for some reason."