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Nine things to know about Kayla Moore, wife of embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore

She’s a conservative Christian grandma who has waged war on The Washington Post. Meet Kayla Moore, who has been married to controversial GOP candidate Roy Moore for more than 30 years.
She’s a conservative Christian grandma who has waged war on The Washington Post. Meet Kayla Moore, who has been married to controversial GOP candidate Roy Moore for more than 30 years. AP

Kayla Moore had a stand-by-her-man moment on Friday.

The wife of embattled GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore from Alabama came out swinging against the “liberal press,” the Washington establishment, her husband’s “ultra liberal opponent” who supports transgenders and people “attacking” her husband of more than three decades.

She addressed supporters gathered at the Alabama state capitol in Montgomery at a “Women for Moore” press conference, vowing that her husband would not “step down.”

He is accused of sexual misbehavior with teenage girls years ago, allegations reported by the Washington Post last week. One woman accused him of initiating a sexual encounter with her four decades ago when she was 14 and he was in his early 30s. He allegedly pursued three other girls between the ages of 16 and 18 around that same time.

He has denied the allegations and so does his wife, who is 14 years younger than her 70-year-old husband.

“I have been married to my husband Judge Roy Moore for over 32 years,” Moore said. “He was a graduate of West Point, he served our country in Vietnam and he has always been an officer and a gentleman.

“He is a loving father and a grandfather. Most important, he is a Christian.”

Moore has become known as her husband’s staunchest, some would say aggressive, ally. Here are nine things to know about her.

1. She was a former beauty pageant contestant with a 1-year-old daughter when she met her husband at a church Christmas party in December 1984, according to the Post. She was 23, he was 37. At the time she was either separated or divorced — accounts vary. Both Moores grew up in Etowah County, Ala.

2. She studied at the University of Alabama and Jacksonville State University, according to her Facebook page, and owns a marketing company.

3. At her Friday press conference, Moore complained that reporters have been talking to everyone she’s known for the last 40 years. Some of those people have apparently described her to the Post as a “deeply religious wife, mother and grandmother who has devoted her life to her family and gushes lovingly about her four children and five grandchildren.”

4. She went to high school with one of her husband’s accusers. She was in the same Southside High School class as Beverly Nelson, who has accused Roy Moore of attacking her behind a restaurant where she worked when she was 16. Both women were reportedly sophomores at the time.

5. The former bookkeeper is president of the nonprofit Foundation for Moral Law. Her husband founded the group after he was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court in 2003 for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building, according to CNN.

The foundation offers legal help in support of conservative Christian issues, such as opposition to same-sex marriage. According to its website, the foundation “exists to restore the knowledge of God in law and government and to acknowledge and defend the truth that man is endowed with rights, not by our fellow man, but by God.”

6. Earlier this year she and the foundation opposed Air Force Col. Kristin Goodwin’s nomination to become the Air Force Academy’s Commandant because Goodwin is gay, according to

“I oppose this nomination because Col. Goodwin does not set a proper moral example for youth,” she wrote in a letter to the Department of Defense. “The person responsible for the education of cadets at the academy is a role model and an exemplar of proper deportment and conduct.”

“By nominating an open lesbian who proclaims that she is married to another woman, the Department of Defense states its disregard for the fundamental moral order established by God, thus breaking trust with the millions of Christians who voted for the new president in hope that the ungodly policies of the previous administration would be repudiated.”

Goodwin was named commandant.

7. Kayla Moore stirred up controversy in 2015 when she shared on her personal Facebook page a video titled “Obama the Muslim, His Own Words.” The video was also posted on the foundation’s Facebook page. The film, created from out-of-context video clips of then-President Barack Obama, promoted the conspiracy theory that Obama is Muslim.

8. She endorsed Ted Cruz for president last year. In an op-ed for, she wrote that she could “trust” him to pick conservative Supreme Court justices. She referred to recent Supreme Court decisions, including its same-sex marriage ruling, as “lawless.”

“Cruz knows our Constitution, our legal system, and the Supreme Court better than any conservative who has run for president,” she wrote.

9. She has gone to war against the Washington Post after its bombshell report about her husband. When she learned that Post reporters were contacting friends for a story about her, she posted one of the reporter’s personal cellphone numbers on her Facebook page, the Post reported.

She later posted a link to her husband’s campaign website where people are encouraged to report any interaction they have with reporters.

“In the past month our hometown, county, and state have been invaded by the Washington Post and liberal media,” she wrote in a social media post. “We have had numerous reports of phone calls, cellphone calls, Messages, emails, even to the point of them showing up at peoples houses. It’s called a witch hunt. We are filing suit.”