The Watchdog

Cable work turned an Independence yard into a long-lasting eyesore

The problem

Ronald Riedel was about to give up. Way back in late 2013, AT&T or its contractor dug up a corner of his Independence yard to bring in new cable.

One neighbor’s yard, where a trench was dug, looked OK, but the work was left unfinished at his house and at another neighbor’s home. Reidel had an exposed cable, an orange fence and a large box lying close by.

He gave the utility company some grace during the cold weather but started calling last June. Repeatedly. Workers visited more than once, but the eyesore remained.

Finally, Riedel contacted the Watchdog.

“My house is up for sale, and getting that cable buried and having them put sod (in) and making it look like before is imperative for prospective buyers.”

The answer

Within days of being contacted by the ol’ Dog late last fall, AT&T fixed the cables, filled in the hole and even seeded the area.

“I can’t believe this is finished; what am I going to fret about now?” Riedel wrote in a letter to the Dog. “I’m a happy man!”

Now it’s early 2015 and Riedel still hasn’t sold his house. But he doesn’t have to apologize for that hole.

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