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Mission Road section will be eventually repaved and striped

The problem

Westwood resident Kate Kreamer says the lack of road striping creates a hazard for drivers going north on Mission Road between 39th Street and Interstate 35.

The white lines that divide the two lanes have worn off, and drivers don’t seem to know whether there are two lanes or one lane on that side.

“When drivers, particularly those unfamiliar with the area (those probably going to and from Oklahoma Joe’s for barbecue!) travel down the hill, they take up the entire street as if it was one giant lane, whereas, in reality, it is a two-lane road,” Kreamer said. “This is very dangerous for those traveling through the area, as there are cars weaving back and forth across the lanes.”

The answer

This work won’t be done right away because officials on the Kansas side don’t want to do it twice. But it will be done.

The stretch of Mission from 43rd Street to the I-35 ramp is part of a project that has been delayed by weather and the need for road reconfiguration, said Edwin Birch, spokesman for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan.

“The project is expected to start by spring 2015,” Birch said. “When completed, that portion of the street in question … will be repaved and striped.”

If crews striped the lanes before the reconfiguration is completed, he added, they would have to redo the work afterward.

The Watchdog notes, for the record, that the famous barbecue joint at 47th Street and Mission Road is now named Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, one of many places where the Handsome Hound regularly gets sauced.

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