The Watchdog

Memo to post office: Don’t cancel my magazines

The problem

The Watchdog was eager to subscribe to People magazine, but then the first issue arrived. Plenty of celebrity gossip, but not one story on how to manipulate humans into doing what you want.

What a disappointment.

Donald Loux of Lawrence isn't always happy with his magazines either, but for a different reason.

The U.S. Postal Service delivers the magazines, some of which are collectibles. But Loux is never pleased when he spots machine cancellations on his periodicals.

It seems like a waste of time, and the cancellations wreck the resale value of the collectibles.

Loux wonders why the Postal Service bothers to cancel magazines at all, and he asked the Dog to put a stop to it.

The answer

Postal workers don't let canines jump the barrier and bound into the mail room, so the Dog asked Richard Watkins, corporate communications representative for the Postal Service, to take a look.

He said that when the postmarking machine is in cancellation mode, everything that’s run across it receives a postmark. It's supposed to get turned off once all the stamped mail has gone through, but that apparently hasn’t happened.

The Dog can't do anything about the already canceled magazines, but Watkins said the Postal Service has posted a reminder to employees.