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Stunted I-29 lane will be finished

The problem

Why in the world, Tim Reed wants to know, would designers build a new highway lane and tell it to “heel” just short of a major exit?

Reed said that happened on southbound Interstate 29 when a new lane was built alongside the vehicle dealerships almost — but not quite — to Missouri 152.

“They added a lane that stops less than 50 feet from the westbound 152 exit,” said Reed of North Kansas City. “They should have made it an exit-only lane that connected to the exit to really solve a traffic flow problem. But they stopped short!”

He wonders if the state will correct an “obvious mistake.”

The answer

The Missouri Department of Transportation said there’s no mistake because the work isn’t finished.

Area engineer Shelie Daniel said the ramp extension requires the replacement of the Tiffany Springs Road bridge over I-29. The connection will be made once the piers are out of the way.

The bridge is being designed, Daniel said, and Kansas City is pursuing ways to fund it.

The Watchdog says that if a mistake seems too obvious, there’s probably a good explanation.