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Sidewalk snow must go, Kansas City says

The problem

Steven Pierce, who lives just off Ward Parkway in Kansas City, wonders if the folks who live on the parkway play by different rules when the snow flies.

Are they supposed to shovel their sidewalks?

“Many days now after our snowfall, almost all the property owners on side streets off the parkway have cleared at least some pathway, and most are completely clear,” he wrote Saturday. “But Ward Parkway is the exception. For many stretches, the only ‘path’ is that made by the feet of intrepid pedestrians — not safe for us old dogs.”

The answer

Although Ward Parkway is part of Kansas City’s renowned boulevard system, residents there get no wintertime dispensation.

“Those who live on boulevards and parkways are responsible for shoveling their sidewalks just like everyone else,” said Heidi Downer, spokeswoman for Kansas City Parks and Recreation, which maintains the boulevards.

As an old dog himself, the Handsome Hound wonders about the pups these days. They don’t seem eager to shovel driveways — and sidewalks — for bones.