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TheChat: Chris Koster bears down on Eric Greitens


Happy Labor Day weekend and the (traditional) start of the 2016 campaign.

▪ “They're just going to go into Jefferson City and blow it up, change things without knowing what the heck they're doing.” — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster on his GOP rival, Eric Greitens.

Koster was fired up the other day and was firing both barrels at Greitens. His chief complaint: Greitens, a political newcomer, knows nothing about how state government operates.

▪ “68 cents.” — how one betting market rates Koster’s chances. The 68 cents is the cost of a share compared to Greitens’ 35 cents.

As recently as mid-August, the two were tied at 52 cents each.

▪ “We need an economic policy that pays the bills. Where I live, they're conservative people. But they know there's a cost to doing business. It's time to throw the politics out and do what is right.” — Kansas state Rep. John Doll, a Garden City Republican, on a new poll that shows mass dissatisfaction with Gov. Sam Brownback and his tax cuts.

Nearly three in four voters believe Kansas is on the wrong track, the poll said.

▪ “They’ll be gone. After that takes place, which will be a process and it won’t go that quickly, but it’s going to go as quickly as any human being can do it.” — Donald Trump on his plans to gather and kick out undocumented immigrants who have committed other crimes.

Trump is still talking tough on immigration. But he’s also finally acknowledging the reality that implementing his plans will take time.