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TheChat: Claire McCaskill is worried about the security of U.S. elections


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▪ “What I am worried about is making sure that all of our election systems in every state is protected from any kind of intrusion that could change the outcome of an election.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill in the wake of reports that election databases in Illinois and Arizona have been hacked.

That’s the new worry across the nation these days because it centers on a stark reality: The U.S. voting system is vulnerable at least in some states. (

▪ “We want to fight ISIS. Well, we ought to get our act together and fund the fight against ISIS in a way that makes sense.” — McCaskill on defense funding.

The senator wants to alter defense budgeting. She also wants to ease the military funding caps imposed five years ago.

▪ “They are far more concerned about cyber-attacks than they are nuclear attacks.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon speaking about the military.

Nixon spoke at the state’s first “summit” on the threat of computer attacks and how to protect against them.

▪ “Do we know that? No, we don’t.” — Kansas state Rep. Barbara Ballard, a Lawrence Democrat, on the murky prospects that state lawmakers next year will repeal the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses.

Election victories by moderate Republicans in August and expected Democratic pickups in November are giving opponents of campus carry more hope. But no one yet knows for sure where the issue is headed.