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Roy Blunt to President Obama: 'What’s your plan?'


Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt on Thursday aimed some pointed questions at Barack Obama over the president’s request of Congress to authorize the use of military force against ISIS.

“What is your plan?” Blunt, a Republican, asked in remarks on the Senate floor.

“Do we have a strategy?”

And, he added, why limit the use of force to three years?

Such a request would subject the next president to the aims of his or her predecessor, the senator said.

“Congress doesn’t understand what the president is trying to do,” Blunt said. “The administration can’t explain what the president is trying to do.

“Our enemies are emboldened by the fact that we can’t explain what we’re trying to do. Our friends wonder what we’re trying to do.”

Just back from a trip to Turkey and Jordan, Blunt said he wanted to know if the president would even use the force Congress would grant, or whether the request amounts to another strategic marker the president is seeking.

Also Thursday, Blunt said he will oppose Obama’s picks to lead the Justice and Defense departments.

“Unfortunately, I believe both of these nominees will simply continue to uphold President Obama’s flawed agenda at these important agencies,” he said in a statement.