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Is Kevin Yoder in trouble? We aren’t seeing it

Democrats in Washington are convinced that Donald Trump’s weakness has put a number of GOP congressional seats in play.

In fact, some Democrats are saying the House could flip to Democratic control if Trump continues his slide.

One of those vulnerable seats is said to be in Kansas’ 3rd District where Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder is battling upstart Democrat Jay Sidie.

Frankly, we here at The Buzz aren’t seeing it.

For sure, Yoder is in attack mode earlier than usual, suggesting he senses a threat.

But this race bares little resemblance to the last time a Democrat staged an upset of a GOP incumbent in the 3rd District, which was in 1998 when Dennis Moore took out Republican incumbent Vince Snowbarger.

Snowbarger was late out of the gate in that race, both in fundraising and sensing the threat from Moore.

Not so this time.

Yoder has millions in the bank, and Sidie lacks the name ID that Moore, a one-time Johnson County district attorney, commanded in that race.

We also question how many Republicans will turn away from Trump at the top of the ballot and also turn away from other Republicans beneath his name.

We’re watching. But so far, we aren’t sensing any imminent danger for Kevin Yoder.