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TheChat: Campaign donation limits initiative still on the ballot


Happy Friday!

▪ “Missouri voters have the right to choose whether to enact such commonsense limitations to eradicate the plague of corruption from unlimited contributions.” — Fred Sauer, sponsor of a ballot initiative aimed at restoring campaign limits in Missouri, after a judge sided with Sauer in a challenge to his plan.

Sauer now has overcome three attempts to undo his proposal, which is set to go before voters in November. If it stays on the ballot, the proposal will probably pass.

▪ “This year looks more like 2008 than 2012.” — Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, on how Missouri shapes up this year.

In 2008, Barack Obama and John McCain fought to a virtual draw in the state with McCain winning, but barely. In 2012, Mitt Romney romped to an easy win over Obama. A new Monmouth poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a dead heat in the state.

▪ "Regardless of party, folks here understand that we are not going to change Washington until we change the people we send there.” — Democratic Senate candidate Jason Kander following a talk in Joplin.

That’s a signature Kander line that he’s using to woo rural Missourians in his intensely competitive race against Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican.

▪ “Nothing could have prepared us for the nightmare that awaited with KanCare.” — Topeka resident Jill Bronaugh speaking of the troubles she’s had with the state’s privatized Medicaid system when it comes to providing care for her 9-year-old boy, Nicholas who has cerebral palsy.

Nursing home care for her son was cut at about the time she questioned whether one insurance company was meeting its contractual obligations. She said the company “harassed and bullied” her.