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Cleaver assumes new role as ranking member on housing subcommittee


Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver has outlined his priorities as he assumes his new position as ranking Democratic member of the House Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance.

Cleaver of Kansas City was elected as the subcommittee’s lead Democrat last month.

This week, he spoke to a national gathering of Habitat for Humanity where he outlined his goals, including an expansion of rural public housing, boosting energy efficiency and weatherization and promoting digital access for all Americans.

He told the Habitat group that putting the American Dream within the reach of more Americans is key, and housing is a key component of that.

“Food, shelter, clothing—these are the basic needs for life,” he said. “A home can enhance someone’s ‘somebodiness.’ Having a roof over your head means safety, security, and something more—a place to call your own. That’s the American Dream.”

He said housing is an area where members of Congress from both parties can come together.

“Only together can we truly help those in need, and to put the American Dream in everyone’s reach—not just that of a wealthy few,” Cleaver said.