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TheChat: Francis Slay says it’s time Missouri went blue


Good morning.

▪ “We’ve been a red state for too long!” — St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay at the opening of Hillary Clinton’s headquarters in St. Louis this week.

Democrats are feeling it after a poll this week showed the presidential race in a virtual tie in the state, which hasn’t gone for a Democrat since 1996. Trump has also hired staff in the state. (link via

▪ “If Mr. Bechthold is allowed to remain on the ballot, it will erode the trust Missourians place in their government, and I am therefore compelled to bring this action.” — Missouri state Sen. Ryan Silvey, a Republican, in a statement about a lawsuit he’s filed that alleges that his general-election opponent lives outside the district.

Silvey says Republican Josiah Bechthold was registered to vote in Jackson County and not the 17th District that Silvey represents.

▪ “”These are extremely weak constitutional arguments.” — attorney John Sauer reacting to allegations that a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at re-introducing campaign limits in Missouri is unlawful.

The argument is that the proposed amendment unfairly limits some businesses from giving to campaigns. The judge in the case said he’d have a decision this week.

▪ “This is a most unusual time, and all I can say is that I believe as a Republican we need the Senate and I believe we should do everything we can as Republicans to steer Mr. Trump in the right direction.” — Arizona Sen. John McCain who’s seeking re-election this year.

The happy warrior of Straight Talk Express fame is back as he seeks another term at age 79.