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TheChat: Donald Trump won’t become someone new

Trump Dan Hallman/Invision/AP

Good morning.

▪ “I don’t wanna change.” — Donald Trump on whether he needs to switch gears to reverse his slumping poll numbers.

Changing tactics would amount to a betrayal of the millions of voters who have backed his campaign, he said in an interview. “Everybody talks about, ‘Oh well, you’re gonna pivot, you’re gonna’ — I don’t wanna pivot. I mean, you have to be you. If you start pivoting, you’re not being honest with people.”

▪ “We're mapping out scenarios about how Democrats could retake the House of Representatives.” — The Washington Post’s political team on the still remote possibility that Democrats could retake the U.S. House in November.

But with Donald Trump tanking in the polls, winning the House is suddenly in the cards for the Democrats. Amazing, but true.

▪ “I have absolutely no hesitation about his support of law enforcement during Ferguson or any other time.” — Jeff Roorda, executive director of the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association, on the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police’s backing of Democrat Chris Koster for Missouri governor.

Republicans had criticized Koster during the Ferguson crisis for not backing police more vigorously. Roorda rejected that criticism.

▪ “We appreciate that the Trump campaign recognizes our knowledge of agricultural economics.” — a spokeswoman for Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback responding to Trump’s decision to include Brownback on his agriculture advisory committee.

Also selected: Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, who is chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and former chair of the House Agriculture Committee. He’s the only person to serve both roles.