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Moran claims Gitmo prisoner release ‘unprecedented.’ Really?

In a news release Tuesday, Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas called the announced release of 15 prisoners from Guantanamo prison “unprecedented.”

“The White House is yet again displaying a disturbing lack of judgment and transparency with the largest single release of GITMO detainees during President Obama’s time in office,” Moran said in a statement headlined Sen. Moran Statement on Unprecedented Release of GITMO Detainees.


Moran’s new release makes no mention the Bush administration’s release of more than 500 prisoners from Guantanamo. In fact, the Bush administration released more than twice as many detainees from Guantanamo as has the Obama White House.

In fact, there were just 242 detainees at the facility when Obama took office, and 61 remain there. By contrast, President Bush released roughly two-thirds of Guantanamo detainees before Obama was ever sworn in.

Bush, like Moran, is a Republican. Obama is a Democrat.

And says this: “...Far more prisoners released during the Bush administration have returned to terrorist activities than those released under Obama, as measured by both absolute numbers and by percentages.”