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TheChat: Chris Koster says Eric Greitens is still trying to figure out the basics


Good morning.

▪ “He’s still trying to figure out the difference between a tractor and a combine.” — Democrat Chris Koster speaking of his Republican opponent, Eric Greitens, at a Cape Girardeau County Democratic dinner.

Koster chided Greitens for his campaign ads, in which the Republican fires assault weapons. “I take him at his word that he knows how to blow Jefferson City up,” Koster said. “But I see no evidence whatsoever that he knows how to put it back together when he’s done.”

▪ “I’m sure Blunt and his colleagues have a set of issue that they want to talk about, that they want the campaign to be about. But Donald Trump takes up so much of the news that they’re often forced to be on the defensive.” — Nathan Gonzales with the Rothenburg and Gonzales Political Report on Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt’s tougher-than-expected re-election race.

Gonzales said Democrat Jason Kander is getting good reviews for his fundraising. A poll in late July showed Blunt holding a narrow four-point lead. (link courtesy of

▪ “I consider this robbing from the most vulnerable children and families among us in Kansas.” — LeEtta Felter, a member of the Kansas Children’s Cabinet on a request from Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration to supply information on what a 5 percent budget cut would look like.

The 5 percent cut across three children’s programs amounts to $833,000. The governor’s office is considering a 5 percent cut across the breadth of state government to fill another large budget hole.

▪ “When you come out of the conventions, the leader in the last 16 elections has not lost the popular vote.” — University of Texas professor Christopher Wlezian, who co-authored the book The Timeline of Presidential Elections: How Campaigns Do (and Do Not) Matter.

Wlezian’s point: Donald Trump is in a world of hurt as he tries to surpass Hillary Clinton. No candidate in Trump’s position has managed to win a presidential election in the modern era of political polling.