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TheChat: Claire McCaskill wants to continue protections against unwanted robocalls


Good morning.

▪ “These protections should continue for years to come.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill and 12 other senators urging the federal government to stand tough on consumer protections against unwanted robocalls.

The Do Not Call registry has been in place since 2003, and now some companies are trying to get the Federal Communications Commission to relax the rules. Some 233 million Americans have added their names to the don’t-call-us list. McCaskill is urging the FCC not to give in on the issue.

▪ “We need to stop referring to them as ethics bills and start referring to them as anti-corruption bills because that is what they are about.” — Missouri state Rep. Stephen Webber, a Columbia Democrat, on legislation before the General Assembly this year.

He might have a point there. Lawmakers are working this issue far more aggressively than we expected. (link via

▪ “I have never seen research that shows that, on nonviolent crimes, a connection between the length of sentence and the amount of rehabilitation.” — Kansas state Rep. Tom Moxley, a Council Grove Republican, speaking in support of measures to reduce the Kansas prison population.

Turns out that the state is 146 prisoners over capacity. That, and the state’s budget shortfalls, are causing even conservative lawmakers to take a look at ways to reduce the population. One measure under consideration: Keeping offenders out of prison for their first two marijuana possession offenses.

▪ “Last night, America lost not just a coaching legend but a gentleman and a citizen.” — President Barack Obama on the passing of coaching legend Dean Smith.

We agree. Smith, a 1949 grad of Topeka High School, had deep ties to Kansas.