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Green Party thinks its presidential candidate will be on Missouri, Kansas ballots


Voters in Kansas and Missouri this November may well have another choice for president.

Green Party officials in both states said Saturday they were confident they had gathered enough signatures to get presidential nominee Jill Stein’s name on state ballots.

In Kansas, party officials must meet a 5,000-signature requirement. They said they turned in nearly 11,000 on Aug. 1.

“I am optimistic,” said Teresa Wilke of Lawrence, the ballot access coordinator.

In Missouri, officials need 10,000 valid signatures. They said they turned in 25,000 on Aug. 1.

The secretary of state’s office indicated the party would hear in about 40 days whether it had hit the threshold.

“I’m pretty confident that we have enough signatures,” said Johnathan McFarland. He said officials double-checked most of the signatures to ensure they were valid.

The last time the Green Party was on the Missouri ballot was in 2000.

If Stein’s name appears in both states, voters unhappy with the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have another option. Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson will appear on both state ballots as well.