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TheChat: Gov. Sam Brownback is casting about for ideas on beefing up amusement park regs in Kansas


Good morning.

▪ “Something that you're seeing other states do is post when a place is inspected or have it required that it is publicly displayed.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback talking about the need to look to other states for guidance when it comes to making changes to amusement park regulations.

Brownback was reacting to the death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab at Schlitterbahn. The governor once rode on the ride with his kids. Kansas is known as a light-regulation state when it comes to amusement park rides.

▪ “A lot of it was about budget frustration.” — Brownback pointing to the reason that several of his conservative allies in the Legislature lost re-election fights in the August primary.

Brownback is not pointing to the massive 2012 tax-cut package for those defeats, and he once again defended the cuts. He’s also not convinced that the next Legislature will roll them back.

▪ “Whether you love him or not — and some of you do — but, quote, if you need to hold your nose, hold your nose and let’s vote Republican.” — Todd Johnson, the outgoing chairman of Sedgwick County Republicans, on the need to vote for Donald Trump for president.

Ted Cruz beat Trump by better than 2:1 in the March Kansas caucuses. The most recent Kansas poll had Trump leading Hillary Clinton by just 44-39 percent.

▪ “Donald Trump's entire message is that folks like Senator Blunt are the problem.” — Missouri Senate candidate Jason Kander, a Democrat, explaining why some Trump backers may wind up voting for him in November.

Kander, though, ripped Blunt for continuing to back Trump, saying that shows that Blunt is willing to put party ahead of country.