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TheChat: Missouri Republican can’t stomach Donald Trump

Dogan (right)
Dogan (right)

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▪ “It’s been really disturbing to see him having this cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin and almost encouraging Russians to commit espionage.” — Missouri state Rep. Shamed Dogan, a Ballwin, Republican, on Donald Trump.

Dogan has been saying for some time that he’d vote for a third-party candidate if Trump was the GOP nominee. Dogan doesn’t appear to be changing his tune. (link via

▪ “A motivational speaker with a machine gun.” — Missouri Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster describing his Republican opponent, Eric Greitens.

Koster has expressed astonishment that Greitens is worthy of the GOP nomination. Koster was referring to Greitens’ primary ads that showed him firing military assault weapons.

▪ “At best, the cuts add to the burden already carried by health care providers across the state as they strive to provide care. At worst, they do permanent damage to the KanCare program and its ability to serve the most vulnerable in our state.” — Chad Austin of the Kansas Hospital Association on Gov. Sam Brownback’s decision to cut 4 percent, or $38 million, in reimbursement rates to KanCare service providers to balance the state’s budget.

Republicans and Democrats are criticizing the cut, and a key Republican is pledging to restore it.

▪ “She's a monster.” — Trump on Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin last week.

The latest insult from the GOP presidential nominee.