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TheChat: A monster wave sweeps across Missouri


Good morning.

▪ “We got overwhelmed by a tidal wave that was called the outsider movement.” — Catherine Hanaway reflecting on her loss for the GOP nomination for Missouri governor.

Did she ever. Eric Greitens ran away with a 10-point win in an intensely competitive four-way field. It’s the Donald Trump phenomenon coming home to Missouri. (link via

▪ “Do you believe we’re headed in the right direction? Hillary Clinton and Jason Kander do.” — an announcer in a new TV ad up Wednesday from Republican Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt that takes aim at Kander, his Democratic opponent.

Blunt wasted no time after the primary in launching a new ad that attempts to tear down Kander. In a campaign taking place in the year of the outsider, Blunt’s bid for a second term will be watched closely nationally. He’s an insider..

▪ “Senator Blunt has become part of the problem in his nearly 20 years in Washington and now works for the lobbyists and special interests that fund his campaigns instead of the folks who actually elected him.” — Kander in a statement following his victory Tuesday in the Democratic primary.

This will be Kander’s theme in the general election in a race that analysts already are projecting to be one of the nastiest in recent Missouri history.

▪ “Chris Koster is the best friend of the special interests.” — Greitens commenting on his Democratic opponent for Missouri governor.

“Candidates shooting machine guns and doing sit ups for the cameras...It all seems beneath us.” — Koster referring to Greitens.

This race will be no less intense, and it has similar contours to the Trump-Clinton race nationally. Greitens is the outsider who’s never held public office (like Trump). Koster is the insider promising steady-as-she-goes (like Clinton).

▪ “So I wonder what kind of conversations are going on in the governor's mansion tonight?” — KU political scientist Patrick Miller on Twitter talking about Gov. Sam Brownback who saw big losses among his conservative allies Tuesday night.

It was a very bad night for Brownback and his agenda. Moderation has returned to Kansas politics.